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In Property Management it is essential to be in-the-know, not just about local issues that may influence your business, but to remain alert to national trends as well. The laws related to property management are constantly changing. There are increasingly new and better ways being introduced to the property management business. We can all learn from one another, no matter how long we may have been in the business.

With this in mind we, at Verdei Properties, have tried to provide our tenants and property owners with a variety of useful resources.

  • Twitter - Each day we post to Twitter. We also look for and retweet relevant Property Management articles posted by other companies. We read each article before retweeting it.
  • Facebook - We repost all the articles we either post ourselves or retweet from others from Twitter to our Verdei Facebook page. In this way you can locate articles that you may have missed earlier in the week rather than having to sort through thousands of unrelated posts on Twitter. There are 10 to 25 new articles posted each week.
  • Pinterest - We also encounter useful Property Management information that we repost to our Verdei Pinterest site. Many of these posts are easy-to-use Info Charts that deal with marketing, issues such as mold and pest control, how to maintain your property, how to manage properties, and even how to make your property more environmentally 'green'. Plus much more.
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* Please Note: As always, all our articles are meant to help inform, but they do not, nor cannot cover every possibility. It is essential that you seek out legal advice for issues specific to your locality. Laws continue to change. Circumstances change things. To really be informed you must take responsibility to gather up-to-date information on the laws applicable to your time and place.