Summer Property Management Tips

Inclement weather may have made it impossible to accomplish all that was on your annual spring 'to do' list. But now is the time not only to catch up, but to add new tasks that are particularly summer related. Your summer will be far more enjoyable if you get these necessary seasonal tasks completed as early as possible. If you are the owner/resident, these items can be pursued at your convenience. If you are the property manager or landlord, make sure that you give sufficient notice before going or sending someone to the property to work on any of these projects.


  • Carefully examine steps and decks for anything that could become a safety issue. Are there cracked or rotten planks? Are the support structures in good repair? Are there signs of termite or any other insect, plant, or weather related damage?
  • Power wash, reseal and, if warranted, refinish decks.
  • Repaint and reseal trims, windows, and doors as needed.
  • Power wash the siding.
  • Are there cracks in your walkways and/or driveway? Repair and reseal as appropriate.
  • Wash all your windows. Though you may have done so in the spring, storms have probably made it a necessity to clean them once again.
  • Make sure that your gutters are clean and functional.
  • Check the yard for anything that might be hazardous to children, pets, and visitors.
  • If you have a pool, playground equipment, a tree house, or any other such thing, make sure everything is in good repair and is clean and safe to use.
  • Check to see if mulch and/or soil is needed around bushes and trees. Trim trees and bushes where necessary so that they don't rub against the house, obstruct vision when leaving the driveway, or make it difficult to use the walkways.
  • If you have a sprinkler system, make sure that it works as intended. Are there leaks? Does it shoot water in the right direction and not against the house? Are various 'sprinkler heads' broken and need to be replaced?
  • Connect and run water through your hoses to be sure that they work without leaks. Replace rubber washers as needed. Reconnect hoses to the external faucets.
  • Replace old exterior door mats to limit the amount of dirt that enters the house.
  • Check all exterior outlets and lights.
  • If your house is within a HOA be sure that any work that you do on the exterior of your house conforms to the community rules.


  • If you haven't done it already, clean ceiling fan blades and switch the direction of their rotation. The leading edge needs to be higher so that it creates a cooling, downward breeze.
  • Change the intake filters on your air conditioning system - monthly.
  • Have your A/C serviced by a qualified technician.
  • Clean the dryer duct and vent. Check for any leaks around the washing machine.
  • Check all smoke, carbon monoxide, and other detection units.
  • Carefully examine the attic for any sign of leaks, insects, or rodents.


  • Though it is often best to dethatch and aerate lawns in the autumn or spring, if you haven't gotten around to it yet, it may be best to do so now rather than to wait until next fall.
  • Fertilize and water according to the directions for the type of grass you have
  • When mowing during the summer, allow the grass to grow taller, yet do not cut off more than one third from the top.
  • If you belong to an HOA, make sure that your grounds conform to the rules. Warnings and fines for grass that is too high, or lawns that have not been treated for weeds, or the absence of sufficient mulch around bushes and trees, and branches that extend into your neighbors yard, can sap the joy from summer.


  • Make sure all summer equipment such as grills, lawn chairs, etc. are thoroughly cleaned and operational.
  • Refill propane tanks and/or make sure you have charcoal ready for that last minute grilling need.
  • Look over, clean, and/or replace all necessary grilling, pool, and yard tools.

When all is accomplished, sit back and enjoy your summer.