Choosing A Property Management Company

Looking for What's Best for You

Whether you are taking your car to be serviced, hiring someone to walk your dog while you are on vacation, remodeling your kitchen, styling your hair, or removing your appendix - you will, hopefully, shop around for the best service provider you can find.

How do you go about sorting out which of the many property management companies will work 'best' for you? How do you even define 'best'?

Common Problems

  • Sometimes you will be impressed with someone's personality, but you have misgivings about their level of competence.
  • Occasionally you will discover a very skilled person, but are exasperated by their lack of communication.
  • At other times you encounter an honest and skilled service provider, but you need instant online access and they are still using an abacus and typewriter.

What should you expect?

  • The Staff - Are you treated respectfully and do you sense that you are valued as a person rather than merely viewed as a revenue source?
  • Competence - Is it obvious that you are working with professionals? In other words, are they experts in what they do? What is their track record? How are they rated by agencies such as the BBB? When you raise an issue is it quickly addressed? Do they merely do the minimum to get by or is all their work exemplary? Do they know and abide by all federal, state, and local regulations? Are they utilizing the best resources to find and screen tenants?
  • Communication - Are you almost always able to contact a real person rather than getting a recording? If you have to leave a message how promptly do you receive a return call? Can you access your owner account (portal) from any place with Internet, any time of day, any day of the year? 
  • Efficiency - Do they provide paperless services? Are they accessible by text or email? Do they have a regularly updated web presence? Do they utilize up-to-date software and equipment so that their services are streamlined and seamless?
  • Community - Do they exist only to make money for themselves or are they involved in your community? Are they using resources without regard for others or have they gone 'green'? In other words, are they compassionately and meaningfully invested in the community that you care about? Are they, as a business, respected within your community and knowledgeable about the issues in your community that would impact your property investments?

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