Financial Management

Online Rent Collections

Did you know it takes an average of 5 minutes to process a rent check? If you had to manage 500 units, it could take up to 40 hours to process all those checks.

As part of our eco-friendly and paperless initiative, we solved this problem by requiring all current and future residents we manage to pay their rent, utilities, and miscellaneous fees through our online portal every month. Now what once took 40 hours to process has now been reduced by 50% or more.

A major benefit of these value added services to you is a decreased turnaround time to pay monthly owner disbursements.

Owner Payments

Instead of the traditional process of printing and mailing checks, we pushed our eco-friendly and paperless initiative to send owner disbursements via direct deposit service (ACH). Since all residents are required to make their payments through our online portal every month, we’re able to decrease the turnaround time to you.

Evictions & Collections Services

No matter how well you may screen prospective residents, you’re still likely to encounter at least one that gets behind on their rent or even has a few lease violations, and once a resident gets behind, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to catch up. Our policy is very strict on late payments and lease violations.

Our services include – posting the notice to vacate, filing court paperwork, appearing at court for judgments, filing the writ of possession with the constable, meeting the constable to take possession, securing the property with a locksmith, taking property condition photos, completing and mailing the final resident disposition, and file disposition paperwork with a preferred collections agency.

Note: All filing fees are additional at the client’s expense, but do get charged to the residents balance.

Monthly Financial Reporting via Online Portal

We provide another eco-friendly and paperless service to our clients through our convenient and fast electronic delivery of monthly financial reports via an online portal. All our clients can enjoy on-demand access with easy to read statements, completed work orders, and reports.

Annual Tax Reports & 1099 Preparation

At year end, we provide a complete year-to-date financial report for income and expenses via an online portal. We also prepare, print, and send 1099 documents to all our clients for their annual taxes.

Bank-Grade Digital Document Storage & Security

All paper based documents we receive are digitized, shredded, and disposed of securely. Our digital document storage is encrypted and is managed by the highest levels of service availability. It essentially is bank-grade security. This ensures sensitive information is never managed by the wrong people.

Liability Insurance Management

Accident and resident-caused damage happen when managing rental properties. It’s just a fact of life and when residents don’t carry insurance, it can be an expensive issue for everyone. This is why we require all our residents to carry basic liability insurance to ensure increased protection against resident-caused damage. All these services are included for all our clients.

Federal, State, & Local Legal Compliance

We ensure we’re knowledgeable of local city ordinances and meet all state and federal legal requirements.

Income & Expense Management

We offer full income and expense management including the option to pay a property mortgage on the client’s behalf.

RUBS – Multi-Family Utility Tracking & Billing

Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) allows multi-family clients to recover utility costs rather than simply absorbing them as a cost of doing business. We include this feature at no additional cost.