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What is your desired move-in date?
-- WHY WE ASK? -- Per our policy, we cannot hold a unit any longer than 3 weeks (21 days), which begins the day your application(s) are approved.
Have you given notice to your current landlord? *
-- WHY WE ASK? -- Most landlords have a 30 - 60 day notice period before you can terminate a lease and some will not even give references until you submit your official notice.
-- WHY WE ASK? -- In order to qualify, your combined gross monthly income for all financially responsible occupants must be equal to or greater than x3 times the listed monthly rent. No exceptions! For example, if the monthly rent was listed at $1000 per month, you would run the following calculation: { $1000 x 3 = $3000 Gross Income }
-- WHY WE ASK? -- The typical rental terms are 12 months but some owners or associations may have specific requirements such as no short term rentals.
-- WHY WE ASK? -- If you're interested in a vacant unit that is a 1 bedroom condo and you intend on having 2 other occupants including yourself living there, it would likely be considered a health and safety risk. Most municipalities and fire departments limit the number of people that can legally rent and reside in a unit.
Do you have any pets? *
-- WHY WE ASK? -- Vacant unit descriptions sometimes state that pets are allowed but don't usually offer more detail. Some owners or even associations can have tighter restrictions, for example some may only approve small or medium sized dogs, but not large dogs etc.
Will you agree to a comprehensive credit, rental, employment, and criminal background check? *
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Will your current and past landlords give you a favorable reference for the last 3 years? *
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If approved, will you be able to pay the security deposit within 24 hours of signing the lease? *
If approved, will you be able to pay up to 1st months rent on or before your move-in date? *
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